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A Great Boost To My Freelance Career

Editor’s note: This is part of a series highlighting member stories on SkillPages.  Chris is a sound engineer that has developed new relationships and landed work on a feature film thanks to creating a profile on SkillPages.

Building up an On-line Presence

As a recent university graduate I’m trying to build my career as a freelance Sound Recordist and Radio Producer.  My main experience is in location recording and audio production for film, TV and radio. I joined SkillPages to help get my skills found.  Over the last few months I’ve been gradually updating my profile and have started to get opportunities emailed to me relating to my skills.  Just over a month ago I got a couple of very interesting projects proposed to me – I instantly replied.

After contacting the members directly through SkillPages I ended up collaborating with them on a few exciting projects.  The first project was as a sound technician for a community TV start-up. Then the very next week I collaborated with a team looking for a sound recordist for a 48 hour film competition.  And lastly I contacted a fledgling radio station and I’m now producing a mid-morning entertainment show for them!

Making those all Important Contacts

In fact, the meeting with the TV station has now turned into a long term relationship and has led to more recording and pre-production work.  And the director on the 48 hour film was so impressed with my work that he has now booked me for a feature length film.  This will be my first feature length film so it’s a huge opportunity to get.

Seeking out new projects and contacts is very important for freelancers in the early stages of their careers.  Taking on small collaborations is a useful step in getting yourself and your abilities in front of new producers and directors which is essential to winning those all important gigs further down the line.  These initial opportunities have led onto some great work and introduced me to new contacts and crews that can really help my career take off.

– Chris Kouzaris, Sound Engineer

Photos by Suki Mok Photography

Video Producers Of The Highest Calibre

Editor’s note: This is part of a series highlighting member stories on SkillPages.  Rob used SkillPages to connect with music producers interested in his song.

Rob Moulder

Revival of a Song

Working as a therapist and life coach is my full time job but I also create a little dance music in my spare time.  A while back I created a song which I sent to a local radio show.  Their staff called me 2 weeks later, asking if I would like to be interviewed and have my music played, which I accepted.  However, since then the song was doing nothing but collecting dust.  I thought I’d try posting an opportunity on SkillPages to see if anyone would like to create a music video for it, thinking to myself I would rather have 50% of something than 100% of nothing.

I created the opportunity in the morning whilst eating my breakfast and then went into town and forgot about it.  5 hours later I returned home to discover I had 17 emails.  I soon realised that all of the emails were from music video producers competing to work with me.

High Calibre of Applicants

A quick overview of the choice of applicants – one had produced a recent award winning TV commercial for Mercedes Benz, several had their own music studios with years of experience and one even produced a music video for Mel C!  I’ve been spending some time viewing their work and have decided who to work with.  Now comes the exciting part of getting started.

From my personal experience, it would be difficult for me to find one reason not to recommend SkillPages!  I’m excited that I’ve discovered a site that works so well.  And the best thing is that these new contacts I gained were all for free!

Rob Moulder, Therapist & Songwriter