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Success Stories: Designers, Demos and Dancers

Every day on SkillPages more and more people are finding skilled people or getting found for their skills.  As SkillPages caters for such a wide variety of skills each member has a unique experience and that’s why we love hearing their stories.  Below are just a few of the stories members have sent in recently.

Have Clients Approach You

Radoslav Angelov, a web designer and developer from England has found SkillPages a great source of income while he finishes his studies.  He didn’t even have to search for his first client, they approached him!

“I saw that other web developers had SkillPages accounts so I decided to try it myself and I’m glad I did.  I got a direct message from my first client.  Loads of people post job opportunities that are related to my skills and its very easy to apply for any of those jobs.  I would recommend SkillPages to anyone looking for job opportunities or people that want to find skilled people.”

Wide Variety Of Opportunities

Taylor Ray, a singer from Oldham in the UK came across SkillPages a few months ago when searching for new opportunities.  Since joining she has had numerous people approach her directly for a demo about a wide variety of opportunities:

“I have been given opportunities from performing at weddings, having my music on films and I even found a producer I will be gigging with.”

Taylor is now on SkillPages every day checking for new opportunities and recommends it to anyone looking for extra money or looking for a new job altogether.

Get Responses Quick

Daniel Morris, a musician from London recently used SkillPages to find skilled people by posting a free opportunity.  He was looking for dancers for his latest music video.  Within 3 days he had 30 applicants and was already hosting auditions.  Daniel was delighted with the response and found the same when he was looking for a photographer previously:

“I have had a good response from people and in such a short space of time, I even had an auditioning yesterday.  I had also recently placed an opportunity for a photographer and found someone that way, so Skillpages has been very helpful for moving my projects along.”

Whether you want to get your skill found or find skilled people SkillPages can help. Join now and add your skills or opportunities, or even both!