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SkillPages – A Powerful Resource

Editor’s note: This is part of a series highlighting member stories on SkillPages.  Brian McReynolds is a photographer from England and he sums up why SkillPages can work for people of any skill.

SkillPages for me is a neat tool for four reasons;

1. It allows me to showcase what I’ve been working on and I can broadcast it quickly to my LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter profiles.  Uploading photos to SkillPages really saves me time and it’s great to have a portfolio built up in one place.

2. It’s where I prefer to find people to collaborate with.  If I need a graphic designer or a model for a fashion shoot I know where to find someone. If I don’t have a suitable candidate in my direct connections I can see if any of my connections know someone.

3. I can find skilled people outside of my existing connections by creating an opportunity asking people to apply for a position.  This has the added advantage of finding many people who are interested in working with you and if they’re not suitable for that opportunity you have them in your network for future projects.

4. Then finally, it allows me to expand my network more actively.  First on a local basis arranging one to one’s to see if there is synergy of working on projects together, then branching out to the rest of the UK and expanding on business franchise operations I want to launch.

Bringing these four features together is a very powerful resource for me. Currently I do a lot of photography for local calendars and now with the help of SkillPages I plan to bring this to a national and even an international level.  On this project alone I’ve created opportunities for sales people and models.  I think SkillPages has something to offer people of all skills and that’s what is most exciting – the collaboration possibilities with all of these other skills.

– Brian McReynolds, Photographer

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