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Skill Highlight – Film Maker

Editor’s note: This is a series highlighting just some of the fascinating skills on SkillPages.  Mihai Andrei is a film maker who loves his work so much he doesn’t consider it to be a job.  We caught up with Mihai to find out more about his skill and his advice for others starting out.

Hi Mihai, tell us a bit about yourself!

I’m a film maker and photographer originally from Romania.  Since 2011, I have been wondering if I could make it in London, and more specifically as a film maker in London.  So at the beginning of this year I made the move and started working under the new name London Video Stories.

How and when did you start film making?

My passion for film from an early age made me enrol at University in Romania where I studied Journalism and Image Production.  The real film making started when I decided to present a film as my final paper.  It was a short documentary I made that presented the unique discovery of some Sequoia fossils in Transylvania.  Coincidently, I was the one who made that discovery, because I was also a passionate amateur palaeontologist.

Is film making your full job or more of a hobby?

Oh, no.  I don’t think of it as a job of any kind.  I’d say I make a living out of it but I also live to make it.  In the last few years I’ve worked with a wide range of clients, including Louis Vuitton and various international film festivals.  I enjoy the challenge of helping them tell their story while reaching out to their target market.

Any advice for people starting out with film making or trying to make it in the industry?

I think there’s no secret recipe.  Besides a strong background in cinematography, editing, writing & directing, what you have to do is persevere, fail and persevere again.  Begin with a network and keep on building it.

Is your business generated online or is it more word of mouth?

Since opening my own film studio back in Romania in 2008, I have seen that advertising and new leads are made both online and by word of mouth.

How has your skill developed over the years?

Working in both B2B and B2C has made me more cautious and selective.  I’d say overall I’ve learned not to be in a constant rush.  I can’t say the same for my editing skills however.  My style is generally fast-paced and very pushy. You really have to keep a vigilant eye while looking at my videos!

Where does your inspiration come from?

Ah, inspiration, that undefined thing.  For me, it comes from a very special person whose motto is ‘never stop wondering’.  Inspiration for me is synonymous with curiosity.  I try to capture the outlet of feelings through film and photography.  I believe that every video tells a story about people, inspiration & creativity.

Apart from film making, what new skills would you like to learn?

I’m constantly trying to develop my photography skills.  I have worked many years as a studio and event photographer and still feel that I need to know more.  Of course, photography helps me a lot in prepping my films so that’s also very useful.

Mihai Andrei, Film Maker

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