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A/B Testing – A 30% Conversion Increase In 3 Weeks

A/B Testing is a critical component of any online marketing strategy that relies on high user growth.  Whether you are testing email subject lines, ad copy or landing page imagery, the important thing to remember is to test and refine constantly.

Landing Page Conversions

At SkillPages, A/B testing is a central part to acquisition.  This process is an iterative one, where testing and refining on an on-going basis is vital.  An essential part of our user growth strategy is to ensure that as many of the people that visit our site, whether it’s through search engines, email or anywhere else, actually convert to a registered member.  If the conversion rate of our landing page increases, our CPA decreases so it’s a win-win.

What drives conversion rate improvement?

An elementary mistake too many marketers make is to change landing pages based on intuition and gut.  The only thing that can inform our decisions on landing page changes is reliable data. We have found, through ongoing testing, that the primary contributors to landing page improvements are:

  • Relevance
  • Value Proposition
  • Trust
  • Clear Call To Action

Testing And Refining

Persistence with testing and refining, over and over again, pays off.  Here is an example of how A/B testing one of our landing pages has resulted in a 30% increase in conversions over a 3 week period!

The purpose of this particular landing page was to convert photographers to join SkillPages. Our first landing page was developed based on analyzing best practice for landing page conversions.  We had 3 key components that we felt were strong motivators for converting visitors – a strong headline, sub headline and main call to action copy.  But you don’t know how your audience will best react to all these elements until you start testing.

After initial tests we quickly added two more components into the mix and ended up with 5 main components to focus on for iteration.

  • Headline
  • Sub Headline
  • Images
  • Benefits Copy
  • Call To Action Copy

These 5 components were prioritized in order of importance and a testing plan was devised. Each item on the list was tested in succession.  Our key strategy is to test each component in isolation and leave the rest of the page unchanged so we can accurately and confidently say what has triggered the increase or decrease in conversions.

Each test involved split testing traffic, where 50% of the traffic was directed to the control version of the page(version A) and the other 50% directed to the test page(version B).  Based on the test result we would either continue with our original component or adopt the test data as the new component, depending on which was the better performing of course.  Each subsequent item on our list was tested and iterated until we ended up with the final version that was out performing the original by 30%.

The secret to improving the conversion rate of your landing pages is to continuously test and refine.  Until you reach that magic 100% conversion there is always room for improvement.  Be patient and be persistent!

80,000 Photographers At Your Fingertips

As we have recently grown to over 5 million members world-wide, we thought it would be a good time to take a look at some of the most popular skills people are adding.  On average each member has 2 skills, so that’s 10 million skills you have access to on SkillPages!

The types of skills vary so much it’s fascinating, a quick look at some of our recent member stories will show you this.  However, some are certainly more common than others.  Starting at the top of the list we have photography – one of the most popular skills on SkillPages with over 80,000 photographers registered from all over the world.  This makes for great viewing as you browse their portfolios.

The variety of niche’s within the photography world is very evident on SkillPages with over 20 types of photography specialities represented.  From aerial to underwater and fashion to food, you should have no trouble finding the right person!

Need A Photographer? 

SkillPages makes it very easy and quick for you to contact highly skilled photographers in your area.  By simply posting a free opportunity we’ll instantly notify all suitable members, allowing them to contact you directly – saving you a lot of searching time!  Of course it’s not only photographers you can post an opportunity for, but all types of skills in any country world-wide.

A sample of photographers on SkillPages, click the images to view their portfolios.

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How Europe’s Economy is Driving a Multi-Skilled Jobs Renaissance

This post was first featured on BizSpark Group Blog.

“May you live in interesting times” Confucius once said, and we certainly do.  On the one hand, we have economic crises, meaning that many people fear for their jobs.  On the other hand, we have a fast-paced world of technology advancement and in many industries, on an increasingly global stage.  Arguably, we’re experiencing the fastest pace of change since the Industrial Revolution of the 19th Century.

Companies that didn’t exist 5 years ago are now amongst the leaders in their markets: for instance, Zynga’s rise in the video games sector has been meteoric.  Indeed, there are now market leaders in new billion dollar industries that didn’t exist 5 years ago, like Groupon.  Jobs that were rare or unheard of 5 or 10 years ago such as (Social Media Managers, Mobile App Developers, User Experience Managers) are now amongst the most sought after.  While there are a lot of people with these skills or who want those jobs, there aren’t enough to keep up with the pace of demand.

At the other end of the scale, jobs that are disappearing, systemic unemployment, industries changing location, and sadly, companies going out of business. In many cases, job security is a thing of the past. Because of this transformation, individuals need to adapt, diversify their skills and adjust expectations in order to discover a new form of job security, one based on flexibility.

The impact of this rapid and disruptive force is the emergence (or return) of the Renaissance man and woman, where people are multi-talented and have more than just one area of expertise.  Individuals are up-skilling, cross-skilling and learning entirely new skills to adapt to the transformations in their industries, just to stay one step ahead.


Helping to make all this possible is the increasingly connected world, creating online ‘social media’ style communities where people can share their skills and easier for potential employers or clients to find them.  As well as full-time employment, many people are looking at sites such as Skillpages, where they can find freelance, informal or occasional work,  even voluntary work that can help them to build up experience.  So far, over 2.7 million people have registered on, suggesting that there is a real desire out there for people to pursue new career options.

So, while job security may be a concern, the flipside is that people are exploring other avenues, becoming multi-talented individuals who are making the most of the online revolution to diversify and change careers – in some cases, careers that have only become possible through new technology.  We live in interesting times indeed.

SkillPages is a member of BizSpark.

SkillPages Celebrates 1st Birthday with 3 Million Members [Infographic]

We are delighted to announce that, within one year of launching, over 3 million members have now joined SkillPages.  We are truly humbled and owe a big thank you to all our members world-wide, who have added their skills and opportunities over the last year.

Every day SkillPages is successfully helping thousands of people all around the world to unlock opportunities from new customers, new employers and new people to collaborate with.

Here are for some of the achievements that you, our members, have helped us reach in our first year:

Developing with Quality and Speed: How we Code at SkillPages

I am lucky to be leading a great team of elite coders on the Front-End development team here in SkillPages.  I thought I’d share some insights into how we keep things running at light speed, and how we overcome the obstacles that prevent many teams, and team members, from ever reaching their full potential.

SkillPages FrontEnd Team - Xavier Torregrosa Jorques, John Hannon, Barry Delaney, Darren Mason and Enrico Foschi

1. Our coders understand our overall business

It sounds obvious but spending time talking about our mission and vision is utterly essential to developing great code that meets the needs of our members.  We make sure everyone knows why we’re doing one thing or another.  This keeps everyone on the same course and always knowing our destination.

Learning: Share goals and missions with your team and keep them in the loop.

2. We put users first

We don’t code for ourselves, or because we love the technology.  We code for our users.  We get a kick out of solving problems that real life people have.  Our total and complete focus is on making SkillPages useful for people, and perhaps more so, on making it usable!

Learning: Make sure your team members put themselves in the users’ shoes and don’t accept any compromise in usability.

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