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70% Of People Will Hire Someone With A Portfolio

We’re always looking for ways to make it easier for people to get found for their skills.  We recently conducted a survey to discover what our members thought was most important when selecting someone to work with on SkillPages.

Key Finding

For 70% of respondents a portfolio was the most important thing on a member’s profile.

It’s very clear from this result that showcasing your skills is the most important thing you can do to get yourself noticed and in return get contacted for new work opportunities.  You can easily build up your portfolio by uploading images, files and videos for potential customers to browse. If you are confident in your work, then showcasing it is the next natural step.  You don’t need to be a professional photographer or videographer, let your work speak for itself!  Work examples not only allow you to stand out from your competition but also tell people why they should choose you for their next opportunity.

The big take away from this is that members with work examples are more likely to get hired. So don’t waste any time in making sure your portfolio is up to date. To give you some inspiration have a look at some popular portfolios:

  • Kerry Robinson a graphic designer from England updates her portfolio with her designed merchandise such as t-shirts, notebooks, key rings, mugs and bags.
  • Kelly Vanfossen a crocheter from USA adds work examples such as her hand made Angry Birds, shawls and other women’s wear.
  • Sunny Wieler a stonemason from Ireland illustrates his progression in his stone projects, uploads photos and videos of his work examples and snippets of publications of is featured work.
  • Sam McFarlane a free runner from Scotland frequently adds videos of his skills in action (I wouldn’t try this at home!).  He also uploads different photos of his performances in events/ festivals and even when he features in music videos.

We are also going to take this insight on-board for our upcoming site redesign, with an overhaul to portfolios which will help to bring your work examples to the forefront.  Stay tuned for more updates on that in the coming weeks!

Other Findings

  • 52% feel that recommendations were very important when considering to work with someone.
  • 49% of respondents wanted to see a profile picture before choosing to work with someone new.

Thanks to all those who have given their feedback.  If you have any questions or feedback to add please let us know in the comments or email us!

The survey polled more than 300 members.

New Design And Features For SkillPages

Great news – SkillPages just got a whole lot better!

As Iain (SkillPages CEO) recently mentioned we’ve been working hard on a redesign and today we’re excited to unveil a whole new look for your skills.  The redesign includes new features to showcase your skills even better than before and new designs to make it easier to get your skills found.


Up until now portfolio updates were mixed in with all other activity on SkillPages.  This wasn’t ideal for people who just wanted to see examples of your work, so now you have a dedicated portfolio for each of your skills.  Build up your portfolio with images, files and videos for new customers and clients to browse.  Showcasing your skills is the best way to get contacted for new opportunities.

Opportunity Types

We’ve listened to your feedback about wanting to get contacted about relevant opportunities and added a new section to your skills.  Now you can let people know what type of opportunities you’re interested in and what your availability is.  This can be specified per skill, so you may want full time work with one skill but just one off opportunities for another – this is now clearly visible on each skill.  Furthermore you can add your level and experience to each skill, stating the amount of years you have been working in a particular skill and what stage you are at, from beginner through to guru!

Video Interview

When finding skilled people to trust a short video can go a long way in establishing this trust, letting people know a little more about you and your skills in a very personable way.  Stand out from the competition and tell people why they should choose you for their next opportunity!

You can find all the new features by viewing one of your skills.  Thanks to all those who have given feedback over the recent months.  We hope you like the new additions, if you have any questions or feedback please let us know in the comments.

“SkillPages – The Best Advertising Money I Never Spent”

Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Sunny Wieler, a SkillPages member and Stonemason from Ireland. He shares with us how he has successfully used SkillPages, to not only find new job opportunities but also to find skilled people, all for free!

I first heard about SkillPages when reading a blog post by a fellow garden blogger, in which he raved about SkillPages and advised all to sign up.  Creating my SkillPage profile was very easy. I was impressed with how quickly I was able to create a page fully showcasing all my work and skills, in as much detail as I could on my own website.

Finding Work

Within days of setting up my profile I began getting responses.  When I began popping up on the first page on Google search I started getting a number of inquires and even a potential offer of employment.

Sunny Wieler with the first stonework job he got through SkillPages

The picture above shows my first stonework job I got through SkillPages.  I asked the lady I was building the bench for how she found me.  She said that she had been looking for ages for someone who could build her something like this but was finding it near impossible.  Then one day when on Google my page popped up on her screen and she found exactly what she was looking for!

Finding Skilled People

More recently I also got to experience SkillPages from the position of the skill seeker – by posting a job opportunity.  I was seeking an accountant and within minutes of posting my first job opportunity I was receiving responses.  I must say I found it great to have people with the skills I needed actively seeking my business, rather than waiting to see if any of the companies I may have otherwise contacted would get back to me.  In my case I very quickly found myself an outstanding accountant, who I am sure I will continue to do business with for years to come.

Another benefit I got from SkillPages, that I was not expecting, was connecting with people of similar skills and interests.  Which resulted in skill networking and possible project collaborations in the future.

I think my story is a great testimony to what SkillPages is all about; one place to find people with any skill you need.  If you have a skill that you want people to find, then SkillPages is an absolute must for getting your talents and skills discovered by the people who need them.

Creating my SkillPage was the best advertising money I NEVER spent!

Sunny Wieler, Stonemason

Do What You Love – How SkillPages Can Help

Wouldn’t it be great to have a job you were passionate about?  At SkillPages, we are big advocates of people combining their passions and their skills.  We’re not saying that everybody should quit their job unless they love it, but maybe start exploring different skills.  Identify the skills you enjoy doing the most and progress these further.  Even if it’s just a hobby, you never know, it might turn into part time work or one day, even your career.

Often it’s just a case of focusing on one area of your career that you enjoy the most.  You can easily use SkillPages to branch off in your current career.  Michael Stock, a Graphic Designer from England has done just that.  He works as a designer full time but also does lettering as a freelancer.  By adding examples of his lettering he can attract more work for himself.  As Michael says in his skill description, it helps to have a passion for your work:

“I am putting some of my graphic design skills to use in the medium of sequential art (comics) as a letterer, my knowledge of; legibility and readability, leading a viewers eye around a page and typography all come into play. A passion for the medium is never a bad thing either.”

Branching Into New Areas

SkillPages can also help you branch off into a completely new area.  By adding all your skills to SkillPages, not only the ones you are currently working with, you can find and create new opportunities for yourself.  Michael Van Koestveld is working as a ColdFusion Coder, but has a passion for acting and writing.  He’s using SkillPages to find actors for a film that he wrote and to showcase his recent acting debut.  By having these skills on his profile he will be contacted when relevant opportunities arise.

Another great way to use and showcase the skills that you are more passionate about, is to combine them with your current work.  Ruth Vilmi from Finland, owns her own translation company.  However, she is also an aspiring artist starting to give painting classes.  Recently, Ruth cleverly combined her two very different skills to create a personalized Christmas card to send to her clients.  Simple things like this really show where your passions lie.

By developing the skills you are passionate about you can integrate them more and more into your life.  If you put the time and effort into it you really can be doing something that you love.  Start now by adding your skills to SkillPages and we will notify you about relevant job opportunities.  Adding all skills, not just your core abilities, will help unlock new opportunities today!

How to Create your First Google Ad

Millions of people use Google to search for skilled people every day. This post is for the skilled people who want to be found by the people searching for them.

google-adwords-logoWhat is Google AdWords?

Google have a great product called “Google AdWords” that allows us to show ads in front of searchers based on the “keywords” that the searcher typed.

The beauty of this form of advertising is that your ad should only show in front of people at the moment they decided to find someone with your skills.  This is very different from putting an ad in a newspaper that is irrelevant to the vast majority of readers.

The downside to AdWords, however, is that there is a lot to learn if you want to do it well, and it can lose you money if you do it badly!

Quickly Create an AdWords Campaign:

Step 1: Decide your Goals

Step 2: Login to your AdWords Account

Step 3: Create your First AdWords Campaign

Step 4: Create your First Ad

Step 5: Create your First Keywords

Step 1: Decide your Goals

For this example we take Tom O’Leary, one of the photographers on SkillPages, and show how he can create an Ad on Google to send visitors to his SkillPage, without fear of losing his shirt while doing so.

Tom has a great SkillPage showcasing his photographer skill at the following URL:

Let’s imagine that Tom’s goal is to use his SkillPage to get more work, or to find a job.

He knows that there are many people searching in Google for photographers in London, and is keen to get some of these searchers to visit his SkillPage and contact him.

He also knows from his own search habits that a likely keyword used by searchers is “photographers london”.
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8 Tips to Get Your Skills Found

SkillpageViewsYou can create a SkillPage for any skill, whether it’s for full time work or just a hobby. But for those actively seeking work on the site here are some tips on how to get your SkillPage found.

1. Add Specific SkillPages
Having a SkillPage means that when an opportunity arises for that skill you can be notified by email. Don’t be afraid to get specific with your skills or add a second one if you have a varied skill set. If it’s just a hobby and you don’t wish to get these updates you can simply change your notification settings.
Click ‘Add a Skill’ on your home page

2. Add your Location
Having a location is very helpful for us to send you relevant notifications of jobs in your area. Make sure your location is correct.
Find it on ‘Edit My Profile‘ page

3. Add Updates
Stand out from the crowd by showing off your knowledge and work examples in your updates. This will stand to you when somebody is choosing whether or not to contact you for work. Let people know you are keeping up with new trends in your field. Whether you have attended a conference or read the latest news regarding your skill, it’s all relevant.
Find it on your home page

4. Add Keywords
This helps us notify you about the most appropriate jobs for you. Be as specific as you can. We recommend you add 10.
Click ‘Edit Skill Background’ on a SkillPage

5. Add a Description
Be specific help out the people seeking your skills with a synopsis of what you can do. Think of this as your cover letter in a job application.
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