Finding Skilled People The Easy Way

Editor’s note: This is part of a series highlighting member stories on SkillPages.  Tess is an entertainer and performer using SkillPages to help improve her show.

I have been performing in theatre and circus my whole life.  At the moment I am a freelance performer, balloon artist and teacher based in Bristol.  It keeps me very busy as I have a few shows which are collaborations with other artists.  Freelancing is great, I get to work all over the world, meet wonderful people and literally play all day every day. (Except when I have to do my taxes and other admin of course).

Recently I needed work done on a prop for one of my shows and wondered where to find the right person.  I needed it painted in a very particular way and with my busy schedule I needed a quick, easy solution.  I found SkillPages and knew straight away it was the right place to be looking.  The array of skilled people to search is fantastic.  After no time at all I had found a wonderful artist.  I checked out his work and it suited the skill level I wanted for the project.  I contacted John directly.  We met up and he showed me some sketches and then he had it ready in a few days.  He did a beautiful job on the piece and we took it on our tour to the Balkans.

I also love that I can showcase my skills for everyone to search and find on SkillPages.  So now when people are looking for entertainers they can contact me directly.  In short, I think SkillPages is a great idea!

– Tess Cartwright, Performer

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  1. Fine, a useful platform. I like it.