Skill Highlight: Aerialist

It’s fascinating to see the thousands of unique skills people add to SkillPages every day.  One such skill that stood out to us is an aerialist.  An aerialist is an acrobat who performs in the air, on a suspended apparatus such as a trapeze, rope, cloud swing, aerial cradle and aerial silk (beginners do not try this at home!).

We recently came across Amy Nash’s portfolio on SkillPages, and we caught up with her to see how she has nurtured her hobby into a successful business.

How and when did you begin performing as an aerialist?
I have been studying general aerials (trapeze, hoop, silks and Spanish web) at The New England centre for Circus Arts’ Professional Training program since October 2009.  Soon after finishing my program I decided to specialize in aerial silks and tippy lyra as they are my strongest areas, and haven’t looked back since.

How has your skill developed over the years?
After a year of training daily, I began performing in small studio shows.  It was hard, at first, because I had to pay to be in them, and I had to learn how to stand out from students with training identical to mine.  Now, I perform for a living and if I’m not with a circus, I perform at gigs, birthday parties and corporate events.  I was lucky enough to have a background in theatre, so I was able to incorporate this into my aerials.  Most people assume that you need to have a background in ballet or gymnastics but I think my more unique background gives me the ability to hold the audience’s attention as I convey a story and a feeling.  I love the fact that I’ve turned my passion and hobby into a business!

Amy’s Circus Demo

Where does your inspiration come from?
I would say inspiration comes from books and music, and as a result I’ve portrayed superheroes and vampires for many of my performances.  I also try to learn about things that catch my interest, because you never know when that knowledge will come in handy!

Is most of your business generated online or is it more word of mouth?
Most of my business is created when I perform, so getting those first few performances are crucial.  Usually the people who hire me have friends who are also interested in hiring me.  I also think updating my online portfolio on SkillPages and website has helped me to generate some business.

Apart from being an aerialist, what new skills would you like to learn?
I would like to hand balance, someday, but aside from that, I will leave the future open for possibilities, perhaps someday becoming a Physical Therapist!

Thanks Amy Nash for sharing your story!

Aerialists from around the world

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