Skill Highlight: Food Stylist

Ana Maria is a food stylist who tells us her story of how, with a little research, determination and hard work, how your hobby might just pay!

We caught up with Ana Maria Stroescu a food stylist from Romania, to see how she developed her hobby into a job. 

Tell us a bit about yourself?
I’m a food stylist and owner of DigitalDot and I’m madly in love with style, photography and travelling. I began my journey in photo restoration about eight or nine years ago and started a long and powerful collaboration with a local photographer in photo retouching and haven’t looked back since.  I’ve also combined my food styling, photography and cooking and have started a new business with cupcakes!

Is this your full job or more of a hobby? 
Step by step, I developed my hobby into a job, and photo retouching and food styling has been my main work for the last few years.  Food styling is now uniquely precious to me and it’s true to say that I love the whole creative process.  I’m delighted that I’m making a living doing what I love!

Any tips for people thinking of getting into food styling?
With food styling everything is about composition of volumes and colours.  These elements, when used appropriately, can drastically improve your food presentations and photographs. When I was learning how to use these elements, I just kept experimenting with different textures, colours and space.  If you do this your photography will improve and food styling will improve too.

Where does your inspiration come from? 
Rather than focusing on one single person, I prefer to mention some common factors; a great love and passion for ingredients and nature and respect for my clients.

How do you get out of your creative ruts? 
Taking a break is always a good idea, tuning in to my inner self in order to understand current needs. I also find baking cupcakes and riding my bike around the town de-stresses me. 🙂

Is most of your business generated online or is it more word of mouth? 
At the moment word of mouth has been more effective for my business.  I think once my new website gets up and running it will help me and DigitalDot in acquiring new business.  But for now, the best way to see my work is to visit my portfolio on SkillPages.

Thanks Ana Marie for sharing your story!

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