“SkillPages Is Full Of Talented People”

Editor’s note: This is part of a series highlighting member stories on SkillPages.  Gus is a film director using SkillPages to find the various skills he needs depending on what type of film he’s shooting.

Never Knowing What Skill I Need Next

Film making is a truly collaborative process.  So many different skills are required depending on the type of film you’re shooting, both behind and in front of the camera.  My latest film is a surreal darts comedy called Double Top.  It prominently features one character who sketches throughout, offering a parallel commentary on the action and the characters.  As the sketches were going to be an integral part of the film I was keen to get a skilled illustrator involved at the very early stages of pre-production.

A friend recommended SkillPages, I signed up and posted an opportunity.  Pretty soon I started to get replies from potential applicants.  Many of them included links to their portfolios and examples of their work.  This was just what I needed to narrow down a shortlist of artists who had styles that fitted my vision.

Finding The Perfect Candidate

After some emailing back and forth with a few potential applicants, to get a feel for their personalities, I invited a select few to rehearsals.  I asked them to create ‘live’ sketches of the actors as we worked on scenes.  Before long I found the perfect candidate – Zoe Delautre, a French artist living in London.  Zoe really got the spirit of what I was trying to do and became a regular participant at rehearsals, producing scores of sketches and working through various ideas and styles.  Some of these drawings appear onscreen in the film, while others became an invaluable part of the development process.  I was very impressed with Zoe’s ability to interpret my requests and the work she produced was exceptional, showcasing a variety of styles and a deep understanding of the collaborative and creative process.

Filming went extremely well and Double Top is now in post-production.  I hope to start submitting it to festivals this autumn.  I’m really grateful that SkillPages was able to connect me to a brilliantly talented artist for such a key role.  I will definitely be coming back to SkillPages again when recruiting for future projects.  You never know what type of skills you’re going to need next and SkillPages is full of talented people.

– Gus Alvarez, Film Director

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  1. I’ve written a movie and will love for someone to take a look at it, and give their opinion.


    Margaret Nelson

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    I’ve been writing manuscripts most of my life which pretain to family values.Is there a
    producer who would be interested.PLease let me know????????????