We need you…if you’re a designer!

It’s a pretty exciting time for us.  We’ve got a full blown site redesign in the works, codenamed ‘SkillPages 2.0’, (I didn’t say it was a good codename).  Simultaneously we’ve got numerous projects on-going for mobile, user growth, community and much more coming up in our product roadmap.

To date, we’ve had only two designers in our team – they’re pretty great so we haven’t really needed more.  Meet Tony O’Donohoe and Reiner Wendland. Between these two, they have handled the massive task of redesigning the entire SkillPages experience on desktop, and while I don’t want to give the game away before our development team have had a chance to build it, and you’ve been able to use it – we think it’s pretty special.

We’re now looking for another Designer. It’s a role we’re pretty excited about. We’re looking for someone who doesn’t necessarily have huge design experience but is desperate to learn and has the raw talent and desire required to hustle with the rest of our team.

What could you expect from the role?  Well, you can expect to be guided by Tony and Reiner while working on particular pieces of larger projects i.e. the SkillPages 2.0 login process or be entirely responsible for smaller pieces of work, i.e. designing a new homepage for an A/B test, or working on a new email invitation template.  As part of this team you’ll learn, develop and advance a lot further than many other organisations can provide.

We’re pretty big on understanding the role design plays within SkillPages, it isn’t ‘design for the sake of design’, here is a look at our product development and design Manifesto:-

  1. Think users first
  2. Deliver on Expectations
  3. Make it intuitive
  4. Focus on speed to gratification
  5. Less, is more
  6. Ask for effort in the context of the benefit
  7. Be consistent and build trust
  8. Think of the future
  9. Be personal
  10. Data, not opinions

At SkillPages, we’re trying to create a more efficient labour market so that everyone, everywhere can discover new opportunities for their skills.  We’re looking for someone who wants to help us achieve this.

If you’re interested – get in touch.

About Stephen Forbes VP, User Operations & Product Development

VP, User Operations & Product Development at SkillPages

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