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With over 10 million skills on SkillPages we’re seeing more and more variety in the skills added every day.  One such skill that stood out to us is fashion designing.  There are more than 16,000 fashion designers now registered with another 2,000 textile designers.  Their portfolios are so varied and beautiful we wanted to find out where their inspiration comes from.

We caught up with Zoe Powell, a textile designer, to see where she finds her inspiration.

How and when did you start designing?
I started drawing from a very young age as my whole family are artists.  I’m told I always looked at the painted patterns and moulding on the ceilings of the big art museums, instead of the artwork!  I began properly doing textile design as a teenager at school and then choose it as an A level.  Now I am a designer and maker of crafts and artwork – it’s what I love doing.

Is designing your full time job or more of a hobby?
At the moment I’m trying to make my textile designs a full time job but with the current climate I also have to do a combination of teaching assistant jobs.

Tell me, how has your skill developed over the years?
It’s amazing what one book or visit to an exhibition can do to expand your mind.  The possibilities really are endless and you can create anything.  I have learnt many different techniques over the years, and have gone on to learn more complex versions of knitting, embroidery and art techniques.  I would have to say my skill is definitely maturing with age!

You started at a young age, where did your inspiration come from for your designs?
Everywhere.  A shape, a colour or even an interesting crack in the wall!  However, most of my inspiration for many projects comes from different cultures and languages.

You have a great portfolio, what project have you most enjoyed working on?
In my third year at college, I had the luck of hand knitting a jumper for designer Emilio De La Morena. The overall look is quite outstanding, cracking in places with movement and giving the effect of chain-mail. The garments and accessories were made using chunky wool in a simple garter stitch technique.

Your skill requires a certain amount of time, how do you get out of your creative ruts? 
Close the book or put away the knitting.  Then go for a walk or do something completely different.  As an artist you should always go away and come back, to see how you really feel about your work.

Is most of your business generated online or more word of mouth? 
I would say probably both.  At times people and companies just can’t reply to everyone so I find word of mouth can be more helpful.  In regards to showcasing my work, on-line platforms like SkillPages have been great in helping me showcase my portfolio and connect with other designers.  My website is forever being updated with new projects and my SkillPages portfolio too!

Apart from designing clothes, what new skills would you like to learn? 
I would love to learn two new skills, first, the science and technology behind textiles to help me improve as an artist and second, to become fluent in more languages so I can travel the world!

Thanks Zoe for sharing your story!

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  1. An incredible talented designer/maker and an ever expansive portfolio with more work than there is time to exhibit it. Highly recommended if you need a creative to take the bull by the horns and hit the ground running with your ideas!

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