Rekindling An Old Skill

Editor’s note: This is part of a series highlighting member stories on SkillPages.  James Creagh used SkillPages to find a new band after a 10 year break.

Crimson Clocks from left to right: Colin Cooke (bass), Jo Luckett (violin and oboe), Linzi Cooke (vocals), Steve Joliffe (drums) and James Creagh (guitar and backing vocals)

Years ago I moved from London to Birmingham, and with the move I lost the band I played with. As a computer programmer, playing guitar and finding a new band was never a necessity. Now, 10 years later, I decided it was time to get back into it, with the hopes of joining a new band.

After redundancy, job searching led me to SkillPages – a place where you can find new opportunities related to any of your skills.  Since registering I’ve received many email alerts about people looking for guitarists and musicians.  Out of those I noticed a local band looking for a guitarist that sounded like a good fit for me so I got in touch straight away.

Following some initial correspondence they invited me to audition along with 2 other guitarists. The audition went great and it was brilliant to be back playing.  I was delighted to get a call the next day asking me to join the band!

The band, Crimson Clocks, started rehearsing every weekend and after a few months we had lined up 2 gigs, one at a local festival.

We had our first gig at The Roadhouse – a local rock venue.  There were five bands in total and it was a ‘Steampunk’ evening.  After a few initial glitches it went well and we picked up some new fans.  The 2nd gig was a week later.  This time we stormed it!  The sound was nice and clear and we had quite a few compliments afterwards.

The next step in our plan for world domination is to put together a demo recording of about 5 songs to get more gigs.

It feels great to be part of a band again!

– James Creagh, Guitarist

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