1 Year And 20 Projects Later

Editor’s note: This is part of a series highlighting member stories.  Mohd Haikal is a freelance Graphic Designer from Malaysia using SkillPages to find new projects. 

My name is Mohd Haikal. I’m a freelance graphic designer from Kaula Lumpar, Malaysia.  At the moment I’m also studying 3D animation and I love to do design projects to improve my skills in that area.

While searching for a place to showcase my skills I was delighted to hear about SkillPages – a place where skilled people around the globe are gathering.  I was looking forward to connecting with other artist and I ended up getting much more.

20 Successful Projects

Last year I simply added my skills and since then I’ve been notified about so many new opportunities.  It’s amazing to have people contact you about work and there is a fantastic range of projects.  Now when I’m available to work I’ll apply for the opportunity I’m interested in.  I’ve now completed 20 different projects through SkillPages and I love how easy it all is to organize!  On top of that the variety of work keeps me really interested.  What I love about design is that it’s only limited by your imagination and I’ve been able to challenge myself with each new project.

For me SkillPages not only offers amazing opportunities but also a brilliant resource for making new connections with skilled people around the world.  Whether you are looking to get your skills found or to hire skilled people this is the platform for you!

Mohd Haikal, Graphic Designer

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  1. Hi Mr Mohd Asalammalikum this is mindy & i am from Klang Selangor.It was great to hear from you & that you are doing quite well.
    Have you any plans to come to the States?Let me know!
    Mayb we can get together.
    Your friend
    Mindy Devine