“With SkillPages We’ve Expanded Our Team By A Staggering Amount”

Editor’s note: This is part of a series highlighting member stories.  Thomas Segrue is a massage therapist from the UK expanding his team throughout Europe with the help of SkillPages.

Since setting up my massage and holistic company – Natural Balance, I’ve found it increasingly difficult to recruit new staff.  I’m constantly looking for new members as we work at large national events all over the UK.  After spending over 10 years searching every avenue possible, it was fantastic to find a site which puts me in touch with so many suitable people this efficiently.

Sourcing New Team Members

Placing a free opportunity on SkillPages was simple and allowed interested members to contact us directly.  In fact we now have a whole new team consisting entirely of therapists contacted through SkillPages.  We bring the team all over the UK to sports, music, holistic, charity and corporate events.  Recently we had a group attending the London marathon, giving massages to many very deserving runners.

It’s not only great for finding massage therapists, we’ve now started recruiting beauticians as well as sports and holistic therapists.  The skill variety is also brilliant on SkillPages – you can find everything from students who are eager to learn through to members with huge experience!

With SkillPages we’ve expanded our team by a staggering amount and we’re now looking to set up teams across Europe.  It’s a great asset to all those looking for new staff or even to find similar people within your profession.

We are delighted to have found SkillPages as our first stop for recruiting new team members.

– Thomas Segrue, Massage Therapist

London Marathon 2012 

Photos by Luca Di Filippo

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  1. me im willing to apply

  2. prasoonprahaladan

    When I added my opportunities in skillpages, so many approached with interest.
    Now tomorrow is the recruitment. Our team is totally confused to manage a huge number of candidates.

  3. i like ur stories gets improvment……