Developer By Day, Drummer By Night

Editor’s note: This is part of a series highlighting member stories.  Andy White is a developer and drummer in London searching for singers and freelance work.

A Really Lucrative Partnership

I originally started out on SkillPages in search of a vocalist for my band (Classic Soul Dogs) but I soon realised its massive potential for me in my professional career.  After years as a partner in a media company I recently broke out on my own as a freelance web-developer.  Naturally I was delighted to find such a fantastic resource which allows me to highlight my skills and build new connections.

Through SkillPages I formed a fantastic working relationship with a London-based marketing company.  Initially we were working on a single project and it needed a competitive quote.  I was able to showcase my work to the client, send links to previous work and discuss the project details before either of us committed any significant resources.

That project went off without a hitch and we’ve continued to work together to develop incredible websites over the last few months. They are supplying full artwork and I’m converting them into fully working websites to meet their demanding deadlines, sometimes as short as a 4 days!

Even though we work in the same city, a short distance from each other, we have never met.  Without SkillPages, it’s unlikely that our paths would have crossed and we’re both extremely fortunate that they did!

Seasoned Professional or Just Starting Out

For the seasoned professional, SkillPages provides a platform to showcase your work and communicate with clients in a colloquial yet professional style. For me, it has created work that I otherwise would not have found.

For people just starting out in their industry, the process allows you to learn how other people approach project briefs and to enter into discussions with clients to get more details on the process of booking work. Learning about the process of tendering for work is an invaluable skill which can benefit all.

We live in a global society and technology like SkillPages is allowing us to work more closely together.

Andy White, Developer & Drummer

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