“I’ve Built My Business Faster Than I Ever Thought I Could”

Editor’s note: This is part of a series highlighting member stories on SkillPages.  Chris Demott is a photographer from England who is using SkillPages to help grow his business.

Photo by Chris Demott, model Frankie Bolger

Planning To Go Pro

As I have been expanding my photography company over the last 6 months I’m always looking for opportunities to generate new business.  A friend recommended Skillpages so I looked into how it could work for me.  Set up was easy and once I had got the hang of wording my posts correctly I quickly made contact with local models which I needed for a project at the time. One of which I’ve featured in the images here.

As my network grew I found more opportunities and made some very useful contacts.  With this I have built my business faster than I ever thought I could.  Being semi-professional I am fortunate not to be solely reliant on photography for my income but with the plan being to go fully pro, any contacts I can utilise to make this transition smoother is a great boost for me.

Collaboration Brings New Opportunities

I have taken on free projects when the subject matter has interested me and used these images to improve my portfolio.  What I have also found is while working on location on these free projects I have networked and picked up opportunities for future paid work so it has been very worthwhile.

With SkillPages I have managed to build a bigger network of professionals I can call upon, increased the diversity of my portfolio and generated some extra business.  With competition in this industry as tough as it is now any tool I can use to do that is a good thing!

Chris Demott, Photographer

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