“SkillPages – The Best Advertising Money I Never Spent”

Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Sunny Wieler, a SkillPages member and Stonemason from Ireland. He shares with us how he has successfully used SkillPages, to not only find new job opportunities but also to find skilled people, all for free!

I first heard about SkillPages when reading a blog post by a fellow garden blogger, in which he raved about SkillPages and advised all to sign up.  Creating my SkillPage profile was very easy. I was impressed with how quickly I was able to create a page fully showcasing all my work and skills, in as much detail as I could on my own website.

Finding Work

Within days of setting up my profile I began getting responses.  When I began popping up on the first page on Google search I started getting a number of inquires and even a potential offer of employment.

Sunny Wieler with the first stonework job he got through SkillPages

The picture above shows my first stonework job I got through SkillPages.  I asked the lady I was building the bench for how she found me.  She said that she had been looking for ages for someone who could build her something like this but was finding it near impossible.  Then one day when on Google my page popped up on her screen and she found exactly what she was looking for!

Finding Skilled People

More recently I also got to experience SkillPages from the position of the skill seeker – by posting a job opportunity.  I was seeking an accountant and within minutes of posting my first job opportunity I was receiving responses.  I must say I found it great to have people with the skills I needed actively seeking my business, rather than waiting to see if any of the companies I may have otherwise contacted would get back to me.  In my case I very quickly found myself an outstanding accountant, who I am sure I will continue to do business with for years to come.

Another benefit I got from SkillPages, that I was not expecting, was connecting with people of similar skills and interests.  Which resulted in skill networking and possible project collaborations in the future.

I think my story is a great testimony to what SkillPages is all about; one place to find people with any skill you need.  If you have a skill that you want people to find, then SkillPages is an absolute must for getting your talents and skills discovered by the people who need them.

Creating my SkillPage was the best advertising money I NEVER spent!

Sunny Wieler, Stonemason

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  1. Great review of SkillPage!

    I love the stone work. I want a bench just like that one. Do you travel world-wide to do projects? 🙂