Do What You Love – How SkillPages Can Help

Wouldn’t it be great to have a job you were passionate about?  At SkillPages, we are big advocates of people combining their passions and their skills.  We’re not saying that everybody should quit their job unless they love it, but maybe start exploring different skills.  Identify the skills you enjoy doing the most and progress these further.  Even if it’s just a hobby, you never know, it might turn into part time work or one day, even your career.

Often it’s just a case of focusing on one area of your career that you enjoy the most.  You can easily use SkillPages to branch off in your current career.  Michael Stock, a Graphic Designer from England has done just that.  He works as a designer full time but also does lettering as a freelancer.  By adding examples of his lettering he can attract more work for himself.  As Michael says in his skill description, it helps to have a passion for your work:

“I am putting some of my graphic design skills to use in the medium of sequential art (comics) as a letterer, my knowledge of; legibility and readability, leading a viewers eye around a page and typography all come into play. A passion for the medium is never a bad thing either.”

Branching Into New Areas

SkillPages can also help you branch off into a completely new area.  By adding all your skills to SkillPages, not only the ones you are currently working with, you can find and create new opportunities for yourself.  Michael Van Koestveld is working as a ColdFusion Coder, but has a passion for acting and writing.  He’s using SkillPages to find actors for a film that he wrote and to showcase his recent acting debut.  By having these skills on his profile he will be contacted when relevant opportunities arise.

Another great way to use and showcase the skills that you are more passionate about, is to combine them with your current work.  Ruth Vilmi from Finland, owns her own translation company.  However, she is also an aspiring artist starting to give painting classes.  Recently, Ruth cleverly combined her two very different skills to create a personalized Christmas card to send to her clients.  Simple things like this really show where your passions lie.

By developing the skills you are passionate about you can integrate them more and more into your life.  If you put the time and effort into it you really can be doing something that you love.  Start now by adding your skills to SkillPages and we will notify you about relevant job opportunities.  Adding all skills, not just your core abilities, will help unlock new opportunities today!

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