How To Set Up A WordPress Website In 4 Easy Steps

wordpressWordPress is a great choice for setting up a basic website – it’s easy to use and very search engine friendly.  A basic WordPress website doesn’t require advanced technical skills and can be built by following these 4 steps.

  1. Buy a Domain Name
    A domain name represents the unique web address of your website.  Choose your company name or one that reflects what the website will be about.  If you are a dance class provider, you might want to choose “”.  For buying a domain, I would recommend GoDaddy – it’s cheap and the site is easy to use.  Expect to pay about $20 a year.
  2. Web Hosting for WordPress
    A hosting company is necessary for your website to be accessible on-line. Choose a hosting company with a cPanel – the function that enables synching of your website with WordPress.  My advice is to use HostGator – they’re cheap and reliable.  You can expect to pay about $130 a year.
  3. Set up WordPress
    HostGator makes it very easy to sync your website domain with WordPress.  Get started in just three minutes with this video tutorial on using the Fantastico function in cPanel.
  4. Choose a WordPress Theme
    At this stage your site will look like a basic blog.  To make it more like a website, find a WordPress theme you like.  There are hundreds to choose from on their free themes directory.  This quick tutorial will show you how to upload your chosen theme to WordPress.

Now that you have your website set up, the final part of the puzzle is to get traffic.  If you have a budget to get visits, have a look at our recent post on setting up your first Google ad.

If you want a more advanced WordPress website, there are many WordPress developers on SkillPages to connect with.

– Carl Buckley, Internet Marketing Specialist at SkillPages

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