Get The Right Applicants For Your Job

posting a jobRecently I posted about getting your skills found but now I want to share a few tips for those posting a job opportunity.

Posting a job on SkillPages is free and easy, but you can save yourself time in the long term by putting in the effort at the beginning.  There are many different types of jobs posted on the site; full time employees, tradesmen, business partners, collaborators, contractors, freelancers and much more.  No matter what you’re looking for, following these guidelines will maximize your chances of finding the perfect candidate.

1. Give Detail
Don’t be vague with the description – say exactly what the work entails.  List the skills that are required and others that would be beneficial.  A detailed posting will save you having to answer too many questions from applicants.  You can also add a job spec as an attachment if you have one but it’s not essential.

2. Don’t Assume
People will only give you what you ask for.  If you want somebody to give you a quote for example, say that in your description.  You won’t be disappointed with the response if you’ve specified what you’re looking for.

3. Add a Location
When you add a location to the job, we can notify suitably skilled people living in the area – the more relevant the location the better response you’ll receive.  There are, of course, jobs where location isn’t a significant factor, but if you are looking for somebody to work in your business or house then this is very important – don’t wait for people to ask.

4. Timeframes are Important
With the variety of jobs posted on the site, it’s important to specify if the job is full time, part time or one off, so people can easily see if it’s suitable for them.  For those posting one off jobs, don’t be afraid to specify when you want the work started and finished.  Managing expectations from the outset will create a better outcome for both parties.

5. Read the Guidelines
We have a list of Dos and Don’ts for posting jobs on the site, so have a look at the posting guidelines before you get started.

Now you’re ready to post your job on SkillPages!

New to SkillPages? Watch our video to see what it’s all about.

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