8 Tips to Get Your Skills Found

SkillpageViewsYou can create a SkillPage for any skill, whether it’s for full time work or just a hobby. But for those actively seeking work on the site here are some tips on how to get your SkillPage found.

1. Add Specific SkillPages
Having a SkillPage means that when an opportunity arises for that skill you can be notified by email. Don’t be afraid to get specific with your skills or add a second one if you have a varied skill set. If it’s just a hobby and you don’t wish to get these updates you can simply change your notification settings.
Click ‘Add a Skill’ on your home page

2. Add your Location
Having a location is very helpful for us to send you relevant notifications of jobs in your area. Make sure your location is correct.
Find it on ‘Edit My Profile‘ page

3. Add Updates
Stand out from the crowd by showing off your knowledge and work examples in your updates. This will stand to you when somebody is choosing whether or not to contact you for work. Let people know you are keeping up with new trends in your field. Whether you have attended a conference or read the latest news regarding your skill, it’s all relevant.
Find it on your home page

4. Add Keywords
This helps us notify you about the most appropriate jobs for you. Be as specific as you can. We recommend you add 10.
Click ‘Edit Skill Background’ on a SkillPage

5. Add a Description
Be specific help out the people seeking your skills with a synopsis of what you can do. Think of this as your cover letter in a job application.
Click ‘Edit Skill Background’ on a SkillPage

6. Add Attachments
Giving examples of your work is always the most powerful way to showcase your abilities. If you can show your skills, do. It could be an image, Word doc, PPT or even better add a video!
‘Add files’ button under your update box

7. Connect with more People
Having a larger network exposes your SkillPage to more people. Connect with friends, co-workers or people you have done work with in the past. These are the people who can recommend you for future work.
Find it in the Network Tab

Request Recommendations8. Get Recommendations
Don’t be shy, ask past employers or friends for recommendations. If you’ve done a decent job they won’t have an issue with recommending you.
‘Request Recommendations’ button on a SkillPage

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  1. I need more about skillpages,their workshop, comferences and seminar.

  2. Hi Walter,

    To find out more about Skillpages, check out our ‘About’ page http://www.skillpages.com/About-Us


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