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Brid O'ConnellI recently joined the SkillPages team as Community Manager and I’m delighted to be taking on such an interesting role. It’s amazing to see that so many people, over 2.4 million now, have signed up to the site in the last 11 months. How many sites do you know that have grown this fast? Not many that’s for sure.

How can I help?

The reason I’m here is to find out what you, our users, want from the site. Don’t be shy, if you have any ideas or issues just let me know, through a message on the site or even a comment here on the blog, all feedback will be taken on board.

We want to be the best site we can for our users so it’s important to share your opinions, what you like or dislike and even what you think is missing. No feedback is irrelevant and can only make the site better for everyone.

How can you help?

The best thing about SkillPages is that the site is bursting with talented people from all fields and disciplines. That’s why we’re asking for guest posts from you, the users of SkillPages. We want you to showcase your knowledge and in doing so help others reach the skill level you have already achieved.

Stand out from others in your area as a go-to person for help and advice. All you have to do is email me your original blog posts, or even ideas to see if it’s suitable first, and a link to your SkillPage profile. Any posts published will of course be credited to the author with a link to their skillpage.

For examples of what we are looking for check out the recent posts on Speaking to an Audience and Search Engine Marketing. The topic is only limited to the vast array of skills on the site, which goes into the thousands, so no need to worry about your topic not being relevant.

If you are new to SkillPages check out the What is SkillPages? video for a quick intro.

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  1. Have u ever met someone wth a talent that evrybody wishes for, but they never get or got that chance to showcase it, that’s me. i’m 18 yrs old, determined to become a professional model, i’ll do anythng for my dream, i just wish somebody would notice my skill of modeling befor its too late. can u help me find an agency or just an update about any fashion shows, that would be great. ~ Thanx skillpageS you are the best.

  2. Hi Thembie,
    If you add ‘model’ as your skill on your profile you will be notified when modelling jobs in your area are posted on the site. Also adding photos to your profile will help when people are deciding who to contact for such jobs. Send me a message on the site if you are having difficulties.
    Best of luck,