Unlocking New Opportunities for Everyone, Everywhere.

It has started.

What I’m referring to is that the vision which underpins everything we do at SkillPages is becoming more and more of a reality.  Everyday, thanks to our community, an average of 100,000 people around the world are presented with new opportunities through SkillPages – and we’re just getting started.

Unlocking new opportunities for everyone, everywhere, is something we all hold close to our hearts here at SkillPages.  It’s something which we hope delivers value to you personally, to our community of over 2 million people who have joined us in the last 10 months and ultimately; we hope that realising our vision will improve the lives of  millions of people all over the world.

So seeing as we are revamping our blog, I thought it might be worthwhile sharing with you some thoughts on the background to our vision.

The Background

The famous trees

Some years ago I needed to find a tree cutter to tidy up some old trees from my back yard. I called my friends and family. They had no suggestions and the process took a lot of time. So then I went to Google and the directory sites.  Here, I found lots of people who said they were great tree cutters, but they were strangers to me and I was hesitant to trust them. I realised that a void existed. If I wanted a book, I could go to Amazon, if I wanted to sell something, I could go to eBay. But to find skilled people I could trust, there was no one place to go.  In fact, finding skilled people I could trust was incredibly difficult. My options required huge effort through word of mouth or lots of time searching through sites and having to pick from a line-up of total strangers.

What was missing was a large scale, simple way to connect people with skills to the people who need them, within a trusted environment. This is what SkillPages is designed to do. We’re combining the fact that the world is connecting online, with the fact that people have skills.

Doing this makes it easier to find people who have the skills you need and to see your real life connections to them – such as a mutual friend or other shared background. People generally like to do business with people they know or have a connection to. SkillPages makes doing this easier, faster and across a much wider network of people than traditional word of mouth.

Unlocking New Opportunities

So how does this relate to our vision to unlock new opportunities for people? Because now anyone can create a SkillPage, anyone can search SkillPages and because you can see real life trusted connections, engagement is much more likely to occur.

This means that people who otherwise couldn’t participate in the labour market now can, simply by creating a SkillPage to demonstrate their skills, which is free and is as easy as joining a site like Facebook. It also means that people who need to find skills to get something done can now find people on Skillpages and have the confidence to engage because they see their trusted connections to them.

Together, this is creating new opportunities that otherwise wouldn’t exist because people wouldn’t find each other. Or even if they did, they wouldn’t engage due to a lack of trust.

This has the effect of increasing the size of the overall labour market, helping people to find the skilled people they need and enabling people to discover opportunities related to their skills.

We’ve started but we’re still working hard to make this process easier and better for all our community of users.

This is only the beginning. We’re humbled and honoured by over 2,000,000 incredibly talented people joining us since we launched last January.  And with your help, we are excited for what’s possible in the months and years to come.

Thank you for being part of our journey and for helping make our vision, to unlock new opportunities for people all over the world, an increasing reality.

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